Mechanical Bull Rental Glendale

Glendale, the urban city that sits between DTLA and the Angeles National Forest. Fun fact: Glendale is the home of Dreamworks Animation, anyway there's more than just Dreamworks Animation in this metropolitan. There's tons of attractions and we have one particular place in mind that'd be great for a Mechanical Bull Party.

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you can plan your whole day of fun at just Brand Park. At the heart of this park lies entertainment for the family - a seasonal wading pool, playground areas, basketball courts, and softball fields- and if you're one for adventures, this location provides hiking AND mountain-biking trails into the Verdugo Mountains. And after hours of play, you can unwind at any one of their several picnic areas. Sounds nice? It's even better if you bring a Mechanical Bull. What's better? Relax and be passive, or relax then get active, again? Not to exclude, conquering a bull is one heck of an experience.

After you spend time with your family and friends at Grand Park and feel like you've had enough physical activity for one day, we highly recommend you to visit one of Glendale's most popular acttractions, Museum of Neon Art. Although it won't be as exhiliarting as our Mechanical Bull Rental, it's an experience just like riding a bull. Their collection of Neon articles is meant to serve as the gateway between scientific principles and artistic expression so regalrss of where you lie on the spectrum of interest, you'll surely find something you can appreciate.

So let's say you'll spend an hour at the Museum of Neon Art, surely you'll need to fill a couple of more hours with something and luckily, Americana and Glendale Galleria are right across the street. Shop, watch a movie, or eat at a restaurant, Din Tai Fung, that has a sister chain with a Michellian Star. If you just received your paycheck and want to treat yourself, this is the place.

So since you landed here on, it's safe to assume that you're likely one who likes to enjoy life by engaging in activities during your free time. Definitely check out Glendale for your Mechanical Bull Rental and to experience.

Credits: TheKid101

Credits: TheKid101