Often, people outside the state of California talk about the grand weather in California. They're really talking about a specific part of California - West Los Angeles, home to Santa Monica, Venice Beach, UCLA, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and all these other fancy places you know of thanks to the media.

West Los Angeles is the place to be in California; even Californians want to be in the west side of Los Angeles, and they would reside here if they won the lottery. It's expensive for a reason, purely high demand because it's a hell of a location. There's everything you can think of within this area - fancy shopping areas, cost-effective shopping malls, all types of cultural restaurants, the ocean, mountainous regions, the best skate park, hiking areas with secret waterfalls, tech startup culture, bike trails that parallel along the cost for 30+ miles, and mansions that make other mansions look like houses.
So it's only proper to throw the best party in the best location in California, and one idea for a hell of a party is to rent out a Mechanical Bull. As a bystander, you know that a party with a inflatable Mechanical Bull will be lit; pass being a bystander, be that person who throws a grand party.

We're in West Los Angeles, which means you have ample locations to choose from to host your grand Mechanical Bull Party. Cheviot Hills Park in Culver City. Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills. Southbeach Park in Santa Monica. or even your backyard :) We're sure your next party will be a hit with our West Los Angeles Mechanical Bull Rental.

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